UKiset is an assessment designed for entry into British curriculum schools. The UKiset Profile provides schools with all the information they need when considering an overseas applicant. The test includes assessments of academic potential and English language skills, and the results compare candidates against British students of the same age.

UKiset provides a level playing field for students from all backgrounds to apply to the best schools in the world. UKiset is an adaptive online entry test taken in English designed to support admission into the UK independent education system. The assessments measure fundamental skills such as language, mathematics, problem solving and aptitude for learning. UKiset is a standardised assessment that can be used to identify a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences. UKiset measures four skills: Non-Verbal Reasoning (solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns) Verbal Reasoning (the ability to work with words and language) Mathematics (working with numbers, value, and sequences) and English skills (grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing).

Reference: About UKiset