Our Services

  1. Provide math tuition from upper primary to university students.

  2. Can teach different exams and syllabi like IBDP, IBMYP, A Level, IGCSE, AP, SAT, UKiset, Common Entrance Exam.

  3. Provide both online and face to face lessons. Can be private or in group classes with friends and classmates.

  4. Tailor-made content for each student. We not only focus on solidifying the foundations of math, but we will also, according to the student’s math level, adjust the content of the lessons.

  5. Can email/Whatsapp to ask questions if students have any problems.

  6. Exercises, past papers and teaching materials are included.

  7. Monthly progress report and invoice will be sent to parents at the end of each month.

  8. Arranged lessons are flexible. If the student is sick then the lesson can be rescheduled or cancelled without charge. However, if the student cannot attend the lesson due to other reasons, we must be contacted at least 48 hours in advance. We will continue to charge if we are contacted less than 48 hours before the lesson.

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