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About Ukiset Mathematical Reasoning

Ukiset Mathematical Reasoning Preparation

Mathematical reasoning is a part of reasoning that focuses on number, value, quantity and sequence concepts. This logical reasoning based on mathematics is also called UKiset math.

This part of the test is also adaptive which means that the questions asked are designed based on the student’s ability level. The more questions the student answers correctly, the more difficult the test will become. Therefore, not being able to answer a question does not mean the student is performing badly.

As UKiset does not publish past papers of its tests, there is no exact preparation that can be done for students to practice. However, there are still many other resources with similar content and formats which can be very useful for students’ preparation. For example, the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) provides the most well-known and respected examinations and assessments for pupils transitioning from prep and junior schools to senior schools in the UK, designing and setting the Common Entrance assessments. The Common Entrance mathematics syllabus aims to develop fluency in mathematical skills and reasoning, promote investigative thinking and application of mathematical knowledge to unfamiliar problems. Therefore students can also use the Common Entrance assessments’ past papers for UKiset preparation.


Here are some examples of the Common Entrance mathematics assessments, which are very similar to the UKiset math test.

Vic Li is an experienced UKiset tutor who can tailor-make preparation for the UKiset Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics assessments for students. You are so welcome to contact us for more details and information.