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Want to study in US or UK Boarding School? How can a math tutor help?

Want to study in US or UK Boarding School? How can a math tutor help?

Mathematics Tutoring

Overseas boarding schools for international students can offer a multicultural learning environment for students from diverse cultural backgrounds, that’s one of the key reasons why more and more parents have sent their children to these boarding school. While most parents prefer US or UK boarding schools, applying for admission into these boarding schools is a time-consuming process that can last for years. Parents and students should really plan in advance.

In general, the admission of students into the UK boarding schools is mainly based on good academic results, whilst for the US boarding schools, it will also consider the non-academic performances of individual candidates. US boarding schools usually require the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) which focuses on English and Math, whilst UK boarding schools’ entry requirements may vary from school to school. For example, many schools use Common Entrance Exams exclusively, in a full range of subjects, whilst others require common Entrance Exams only in the core subjects-English, Math and Science.

It is evident from the above Information that no matter which US or UK boarding school you are applying for, or which test or entrance exam you are going to take, an excellent math result is almost always an advantage. Therefore, an experienced math tutor who is familiar with the syllabuses and marking schemes is almost always a great help.

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