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The spread of COVID-19 has led to the closure of educational institutions all over the world. Such closure has accelerated the development of the online learning environments for students.

Online tutoring is one of the online learning activities. With the advance in technology, it has never been easier for students to have distance learning at home. Here are some of the most important ways technology and the internet make learning online the new method of choice for students.

  • No risk of catching/transmitting illnesses such as colds and flu, and of course the COVID-19!
  • Elimination of travel time and traffic accidents for both parties. Everyone saves on transport costs. It is safer and also more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Elimination of geographical constraints – tutors and students can find each other from anywhere in the world. This means students can be matched with the best tutors suited to their needs without being limited by the area in which they live in.
  • Lessons can be done from any global location and at more flexible/awkward times (e.g. later at night). All you need is a device such as a computer or tablet and an internet connection – something almost everyone has nowadays.
  • Easy use of online resources such as Google Maps or Google Earth, statistics websites or images and videos to help learning. More interactivity is possible in an online lesson.
  • Use of online whiteboards and screen sharing can be a very effective teaching and learning tool.
  • Efficient resource sharing through cloud storage shared folders such as Dropbox. This also helps keep everything organised and in one place.
  • A private learning environment minimal social pressure.
  • Students are more in the driving seat with online lessons and so feel more empowered in a relaxed environment.
  • The Information in the lesson can be saved as a neat PDF and lesson recording is also possible. Any links and materials sent via Skype chat, for example, is available at any later time in the chat history.
  • A good and experienced online tutor is able to cultivate self-motivated online learning habits among students gradually. The tutor can demonstrate to the students how to search information online, and where to get the best tools for his/her learning.