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Vic is a multifaceted Math Tutor who is capable of tutoring students from various age groups to achieve high in boarding school entrance exams. ISEB Math is one of the many exams he is experienced in teachinUg. The Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) produces Common Entrance examinations that 11+ and 13+ students sit to gain entry to independent schools in the UK and overseas. The Mathematics examination syllabus for Common Entrance at 11+, for example, consists of the following topics – ‘numbers’, ‘algebra’, ‘ratio, proportion and rates of change’, ‘geometry and measures’, ‘probability’ and ‘statistics. Usually, students sit this examination when they are in Year 6, either in November or in January. As a skilled ISEB Math Tutor, he helps children consolidate knowledge learnt in class, better understand some challenging mathematical concepts, as well as be more familiarized with the syllabus.

Aside from being an ISEB Math Tutor, he is also a professional UKiset Math Tutor. UKiset is an assessment taken in English that helps British schools identify suitable overseas students aged between 9 and 18 years old to be admitted into the UK independent education system. UKiset measures fundamental skills including language, mathematical reasoning, problem solving as well as aptitude for learning. Regarding the ‘mathematics’ part, student’s ability to work with numbers, value and sequences are tested. Parents and students are often unsure about the way to revise this particular section as it focuses on cognitive ability and logic instead of learned knowledge. The format of reasoning type questions is indeed quite different from those taught in everyday Math classes. Some schools offer places solely based on the UKiset results and school reports whereas others treat it as a pre-test to help them shortlist candidates. Since the UKiset is always highly valued in the admission process, if you aspire to apply to a British independent school or enter an international study center in the UK, it is ideal to have an UKiset Math Tutor guide you along the way.

When it comes to IB Math, students have two main options, namely ‘Maths Applications and Interpretations (Math AI)’ and ‘Maths Analysis and Approaches (Math AA)’, with both being offered at either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL). You have to consider quite a lot when choosing the type and level of IB you take, and it is best to consult your IB Math Tutor, because you may do really well on Math AI and unsatisfactory on Math AA, and choosing the right level can easily open or close doors of your future career. In fact, both levels cover the following five areas: ‘number and algebra’, ‘functions’, ‘geometry and trigonometry’, ‘probability and statistics’ and ‘calculus’. Math AI emphasizes on how mathematical concepts can be applied to solve practical problems in the science and finance field while Math AA focuses on more abstract and theoretical concepts. As an experienced IB Math Tutor, Vic is skilled at helping students choose the IB Math Test that is most suitable for them and reach their full potential.

As for SAT Math, it covers a wide range of Math practices, with a focus on modeling and problem solving. Students are required to solve Math problems that they find in everyday life, college Math, Science and Social Science courses as well as future jobs. The test stresses on algebraic linear equations and systems, problem solving and data analysis, and advanced Math. Additional topics in Math including geometry and trigonometry are also featured in the test.

In fact, many students opt for a SAT Math Tutor to be more prepared since the SAT is an entrance exam used by most universities to make admissions decisions, and it does play an important role in their academic success. Should you look for more guidance as well, Vic, a skillful SAT Math Tutor, is here to customize test strategies for you and get you to your dream school.

The Advanced Placement Program (AP), on the other hand, allows interested and academically inclined students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics are all included in AP Math. Taking AP Math with high passing score can significantly boost your college applications as it demonstrates your academic potential, and convinces the board that you treasure the opportunity to challenge yourself academically and are serious about your education. It can do you many good and yet it can definitely be challenging at times. If you are ready to challenge yourself but still needs a helping hand, it is nice to have an AP Math Tutor by your side. As a competent AP Math Tutor, Vic is able to make difficult concepts simple and AP Math less grueling.

All in all, Vic is a Math expert and a wonderful tutor here to help you ace every Math Exam.