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What is IA in IBDP?

What is Internal Assessment (IA) in IBDP?

IBDP Internal Assessment (IA) Preparation

The Internal Assessment (IA) is a compulsory task for IB students to assess their level in relation to the objectives set out in the Diploma Programme (DP). Any oral, presentation, project, experiment, assignment, etc. which is graded by your school teacher internally, instead of an IB examiner, is known as Internal Assessment. it serves to see the knowledge, skills acquired, etc., of the students with their subjects. The marks given in IA depend on the subjects. The standard value is 20%, which is the weight in science subjects. However, other topics have a more practical component, like Design and Technology, etc., where IA can be worth 40 to 50% of the marks, i.e., a higher weightage. This is why IB students must find out how much it is worth in their subjects.  

As IB students have to do 6 subjects (mixed between Higher level and Standard level) and there is no IA needed for Languages and Visual Art, so they will have to do between 3 and 5 IA in total. This is because in languages, you have to do “Written assessments” instead of “Internal assessments”. In Visual Art, you have to prepare a “Visual Comparative Study” in the form of a slide show, instead of an Internal Assessment.

The Internal assessments of IB are first marked internally by your school teacher and then moderated externally by an IB examiner.